How Long Do GPS Running Watches Last?

A GPS watch is a trendy smart device or gear nowadays to many people, especially for the runners. You can use a GPS running watch for sports or fitness as an athlete. These GPS integrated watches can be worn around your wrist as a bracelet.

Simply put, they help a runner to improve skill level in a wonderful way. Thus, you can also track your performance like distance coverage, mileage, and total running time.

However, there is a concern among the people saying how long do gps running watches last?In this page, we’ll discuss this frequently-asked question with in-depth study and analysis. As you know there are several factors that may be involved, including the battery life, built materials, and other relevant technologies. 

So, look no further! Continue reading.

How Long Do Gps Running Watches Last?

Before we move on to the main topic, let’s take a moment to understand our context. We’ll talk about the overall lifespan and battery life of a running watch. Here’s a comprehension discussion on how long do GPS watches last.

Battery Life

On average, the GPS running watch battery lasts 5 to 30 hours. It mostly depends on  the quality and price they come with. You can get one that offers more than 100 hours at a single charge. In most cases, watches that come with longer batteries are relatively expensive. The battery life varies from watch to watch.

Overall Lifespan

In terms of lifespan, the GPS running watches last for more than 7 years. They rely on rechargeable batteries as a power source. The overall lifespan of a battery and other related things define longevity and durability of a watch. Our expert found some drop off in the battery capacity after a 500 recharge time.

Which GPS Watch Last The Longest?

Do you really need a durable running watch to run on the trails and street? You can use them for marathon training or fitness purposes. There are some models that will really help you on that. Some of them are a bit expensive to meet your goals and need to be healthy.

Following are some GPS watches with the longest battery life and other useful features you’ll love. 

1. Garmin Enduro

It comes with the longest battery life along with the solar power source. If you’re concerned about runtime and GPS accuracy get this Garmin Enduro gps watch. It also provides excellent VO2M max and blood oxygen reading. But, what about the battery?

Well. The Garmin Enduro running watch is here to offer 50 days of smartwatch mode along with 65 days of solar support system. On the other hand, you can use this running device for 70 hours in GPS mode. Alternatively, 80 hours with solar technology.

You can use the Garmin Enduro smartwatch for 200 to 300 hours by turning off gps mode. Meantime, you could sear for a year with the battery saver option. In this case, you’ve to turn off most common features. The price of this gps watch is near about 900 USD.

2. Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin Fenix gps steller watch offers battery power along with the most trendy design. This Garmin running watch is a smart sport watch that also runs lots of features and benefits that will overwhelm you for sure. The “S” version comes in a smaller size that fits very well with your wrist.

You can wear this smart running watch with the HR(heart rate) and fitness tracking for 9 to 10 days. Besides, it will run 25 hours with full GPS mode. Further, you’ll have a battery saver GPS mode that provides 50 hours of runtime.

Furthermore, its solar power recharge option will provide extra battery life. It’s possible to get a backup within 100 minutes of USB charging.

3. Polar Vantage V2

This is another best running gps watch for its great features, accurate reading, and heart rate monitoring system. We found this smart wrist watch very helpful for training sessions and real time competition.

The Polar Vantage V2 running watch provides you 7 days of continuous reading and heart rate monitoring. It also includes the sleep tracking facility within this time. Besides, this Vantage V2 smart watch offers 40 hours of GPS mode with 100 hours of battery save mode.

It’ll provide you a 5 days runtime in a week alongside 70 minutes from USB charging source. The price is near about 500 dollars. These multisport gps watches are very useful for exercising, especially while hill splits, fuel source, swimming in the water. 

4. Coros APEX

The Coros Apex running watch comes with an affordable price, long lasting battery life, and excellent features. Our research team found the same functions in the Suunto smart watch except some additional features. Let’s know about their power plan and lifespan of batteries.

You’ll get 35 hours of GPS mode with 100 hours backup using the Ultramax gps mode.  It takes 70 minutes to be charged fully. The price is also affordable (near 340 to 360 dollars).

How Can I Extend The Battery Life Of A GPS Watch?

It’s very important to extend your battery life in some cases, especially while you’re traveling or you’ve no instant recharge option around. Here’re some tips and tricks that make your smartwatch battery life long:

  • Always disconnect the charging plug after completing charge. It kills your battery life, sometimes.
  • Put it in charge before emptying the battery. Experts suggest to recharge the watch when the battery percentage is below 20%.
  • It’s better to keep the display turned off when not in use.
  • You also keep turning off heart rate monitoring continuously.
  • Stop the unnecessary notifications.

Final Words

The gps running watches are crucial to keep your health fit all the time. Alternatively, you can use one for running, training, and different exercise activities. It’s important to know the battery and overall lifespan of a smart gps watch. Therefore, we tried to show you a glimpse of how long do gps running watches last with some models.

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